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ProservCrane Group Jib Cranes

When a More Customized Solution is Needed
Let ProservCrane Design your Jib Crane

  • Base Mounted
  • Foundation Mounted
  • Column Mounted
  • Articulating Jib
  • Wall Mounted Full Compression Jib

Designed to Meet Your Special Requirements

  • Removable access plate permits convenient inspection and service of collector ring assembly, when installed.
  • Floating action masthead assembly surrounds mast on sleeve principle. Mating surfaces are carried on upper and lower bearings, permitting head to rotate freely throughout 360°.
  • Lower roller bearing design has row of continuous roller type bearings recessed into heavy machined ring welded to masthead assembly. Alemite fitting permits lubrication as required.
  • Boom construction of heavy section standard or wide flange beams with trolley stops located at both ends.
  • Electrical collector ring assembly or air swivel connection eliminates fouling of electrical or air supply lines to hoisting equipment and permits continuous rotation. (optional)
  • Upper bearing is lifetime lubricated sealed ball bearing mounted in machined seat.
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We can help you design the best
jib crane for your business.




Base Mount

  • Available in standard models 1/4 thru 5 ton capacities with standard mast heights and boom reaches to 20 ft. Larger sizes are available.
  • Click here to view a detailed Anchor BMJ.

Foundation Mount

  • Foundation Mounted Jibs are anchored into a pipe sleeve that is placed into your slab when the foundation is poured.

Column Mounted

  • Column Mounted Jibs can either be mounted to an existing column or be supplied with the column.

Rotating Column

  • Rotating Columns are mounted by bearings on both the top and bottom of the column for a 360° rotation.

Wall Mount Full Compression

  • Ideal for low headroom restrictions.

Wall Mount Tension

  • Ideal for low headroom restrictions.

Contact ProservCrane Group today.
We can help you design the best
jib crane for your business.
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