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Load Testing for Overhead Cranes in Phoenix, AZ

Protect your employees and your business by getting mandatory load test completed by professional technicians. Our qualified staff at ProservCrane Group in Phoenix, AZ provides precise load testing services. Over time, even robust and sturdy machinery have smaller component parts that may become loose or damaged. That is why it is important to inspect overhead cranes for defects and perform effective load tests.

Importance of Load Testing Overhead Cranes

With regular use, overhead cranes experience normal wear and tear that require frequent attention. Load testing is designed to ensure overhead cranes can keep up with the kind of work demanded of it. The OSHA Act mandates load testing on overhead cranes with the intention to create workplace safety. Our technicians are highly-trained to accurately conduct load testing and evaluate the working condition of your overhead crane.

Semi-annual or quarterly load tests are recommended because your overhead cranes are expected to meet inspection standards all year round. It is important to get your overhead cranes up to speed quickly and our technicians will help ensure that you stay in compliance with these regulations. While some deterioration is visibly noticeable, the assessments done in load testing can figure out if there are bigger issues present. We will purposefully overload the overhead crane to trigger limit switches and check for faulty mechanisms, including:

  • Lifting and Lowering
  • Rated Load Test
  • Trolley and Bridge Travel
  • Locking and Safety Gears
  • Limit Switch Functionality
  • Deformed or corroded parts
  • Loose or worn out units
  • Deteriorated electrical components

The purpose of load testing on your overhead crane is to expose safety hazards at work and avoid the decline of productivity. This OSHA regulation makes it a requirement to ensure your workplace is protected from harm.

Call for Overhead Crane Load Testing Services

ProservCrane Group has the experience to perform load testing services to clientele in various industries. We take your machinery seriously because we understand how important it is for your business. Next time you need to get load testing done on your overhead crane, call our professional technicians to get the job done right. You can reach our Phoenix office at 623-374-6438 to schedule a time for us to dispatch one of our technicians.


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