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Load Testing for Overhead Cranes in Salt Lake City, UT

Companies that must meet regulatory overhead crane standards, should get load testing done by experienced professionals. The technicians at ProservCrane Group perform precise and accurate load testing for overhead cranes anywhere in Salt Lake City, UT. We are well-equipped and trained to test the working condition of various mechanisms. Protect your business by ensuring that your machinery is working at optimum capacity and your employees have a safe workplace.

What Load Testing Entails and Why You Need It

The purpose of load testing is to make sure your overhead crane won’t collapse or break under the strenuous pressure it is put through over time. Load testing is mandated by the OSHA Act, which is the law that oversees occupational safety and health practices. A professional technician will be sent out to test how much weight a crane can handle. We want to evaluate whether your overhead crane can effectively perform its job by moving all its functional parts with no glitches.

Overhead cranes need to meet certain quality standards by law, so it is important to get a semi-annual or quarterly load test. Our load testing technicians will ensure you are always in compliance with these ordinances. Some parts of your overhead crane like the hooks, hoist chains and wire ropes should be checked much more regularly because they only require a visual employee review. When you hire us for a load test, we use our specialized tools to test the following:

  • Rated Load Test
  • Hoisting and Lowering
  • Bridge and Trolley Travel
  • Limit Switch Functionality
  • Locking and Safety Devices

These are the deficiencies we look for during overhead crane load testing:

  • Deformed or corroded parts
  • Loose bolts or rivets
  • Worn sheaves and drums
  • Distorted pins, bearings, gears, rollers, etc.
  • Excessive tear on brake-system parts
  • Deteriorated electrical components

Get load tests done on your overhead crane right away. It will reveal workplace safety hazards and prevent further deterioration to expensive machinery. Most importantly, it reduces the risk of total equipment malfunction that could hinder your productivity and it will avoid serious employee injury.

Call ProservCrane Group for Load Testing Services

ProservCrane Group has many years of experience providing dedicated service to clientele in various industries. We’re our customer’s go-to load testing services company because of our exceptional standards and quality customer service. If it’s time for your overhead crane’s semi-annual or quarterly load testing, you can count on us to do a thorough inspection. Call us in Salt Lake City at 801-936-0288 to schedule a time for us to dispatch one of our technicians.


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