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Our History
Our History

Over twenty-five years ago in Houston, TX with only 3 employees and operating out of a very small trailer and metal building, ProservCrane was incorporated. The company name ProservCrane & Equipment, Inc. was chosen because the business was based mostly on service work. Today, ProservCrane Group is a full-service crane manufacturing company with over 115 employees and operations in three major cities.
ProservCrane & Equipment, Inc. is established as a crane service and manufacturing company in Houston, TX.
ProservCrane & Euipment’s first year of operations is well managed and profitable with revenues reaching a little over a $1M.
After two years of modest growth, ProservCrane & Equipment, Inc. moves to a larger facility located near Houston’s International Airport with accessibility to major freeways and toll ways.
Approximately 800 ProservCrane & Equipment cranes are in operation. Determined to build the largest crane parts inventory in the US, ProservCrane & Equipment hires a dedicated Parts Manager to handle the growing need of a full-service Parts Department.
After 10 years in business, ProservCrane & Equipment moves into a brand new facility with 7500 sf. of office space; 46,500 sf. of bridge crane fabrication and parts space; and 3000 sf. of paint booth space. ProservCrane & Equipment now has 1800 cranes in operation.
ProservCrane & Equipment, Inc. acquires assets of Osborn Cranes and Anchor Crane & Hoists which significantly increases customer base, intellectual property and number of cranes in operation. The spending contributed to an uptick in Parts and Services, as well as an increase in crane sales from former Osborn and Anchor Crane customers. ProservCrane & Equipment, Inc. name changes to ProservAnchor Crane.
By the end of 2005, there are 4300 ProservAnchor Crane cranes in operation and an additional 13,000 cranes that were acquired from the 2004 acquisition; a total of 17,300 cranes in operation.
To ensure ProservCrane’s growth into the future would be with the same guiding principles it was founded, the company recapitalizes to keep the business in the family. An additional 27,000 sf. of fabrication space is added to the ProservAnchor Crane facilities.
ProservAnchor Crane’s 20th Anniversary Record breaking sales from each Department helps ProservCrane reach over $60M in annual sales. 1200 cranes and runway structures were manufactured and shipped out. ProservAnchor Crane opens a machine shop to offset outsourcing of new crane components and obsolete crane parts for any brand of crane.
ProservAnchor Crane name changes to ProservCrane Group and is a full-service overhead crane company with 115 employees and offices in Houston, Irving and San Antonio, TX. ProservCrane Group opens a full-service machine shop, Greenspoint Machine Shop, in Houston, TX.
ProservCrane Group acquires Overhead Crane International, LLC, and opens a service office in Phoenix, AZ, expanding overhead crane operations across the Western United States, making us one of the largest independently owned overhead crane manufacturers in the country. ProservCrane Group opens doors to a new parts and accessories warehouse fully stocked with thousands of ready-to-ship overhead crane parts.
ProservCrane Group launches ProservCrane e-quipment, an e-commerce website devoted to selling overhead crane parts and components for any brand of crane.
ProservCrane Group opens a new parts depot in Houston, Texas. The new warehouse is located in South Houston to accommodate customers in that area.
ProservCrane Group opens a service facility in Knoxville, TN, its first presence in the East Coast.
ProservCrane Group and is a full-service overhead crane company with offices in Houston, Irving, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Knoxville. There are over 18,000 cranes in service and 1000 unique parts in stock and ready to ship same day.


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