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Continued Education Safety Training

Ensure your own crane operators and plant supervisors are up to speed on the latest changes and safety regulations for your facility. We can train new and experienced operators on overhead and job cranes for a number of conditions. Our courses review regular maintenance and production management practices to ensure your facility lifts at maximum capacity.

Why Crane Safety Courses Matter

  • Bodily and Financial Harm -- Crane accidents have a higher probability of catastrophic results than many other construction accidents do. Nearly 50% of accidents involving a crane are deadly, whether resulting from crane collapse, contact with a power line or falling objects. They can also be hugely detrimental to a business’s finances. In addition to the lost time costs, companies can be hit with lawsuits that cost valuable time and money. Crane safety courses can help to mitigate the risks associated with crane operation.
  • Added Skills -- Having employees who can correctly and efficiently identify problems with equipment can save both money and lives. This can also help determine if your equipment needs maintenance which can save you from learning too late that a routine checkup could have prevented an accident.
  • Prevent OSHA fines -- Crane accidents can result in OSHA citations and the fines that come along with them. More knowledge means there is less of a possibility for preventable accidents.
  • Combat Rising Insurance Premiums -- OSHA violations result in higher insurance rates. If you have employees with the appropriate skills and well-maintained equipment, you have exactly what’s needed to lessen the chance of workplace accidents, OSHA violations and increasing insurance premiums.

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Our overhead crane safety courses offer safety, maintenance and production management information that is valuable to any business that operates cranes. We also offer 24/7 emergency crane maintenance, installation and assembly and testing. Call ProservCrane today for more information.

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