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Vision, Mission, Strategy & R&D

We use our experience, knowledge and expertise in the material lifting industry to make our customers’ operations a safer and more productive environment.
  • Be the industry leader in overhead crane technology
  • Provide our customers with one-stop, hassle-free, service for all of their material handling needs
  • Provide the highest quality products and services and lead through process improvement and innovation
  • Excel in customer service and exceed our customer’s expectations
  • Provide a work environment that allows us to attract and retain the highest quality people
  • Take pride in what we do and care about our customers and employees
  • Conduct our business with ethics and integrity
Keeping at the Forefront with Superior Service
ProservCrane Group started as a service company by a family of knowledgeable and passionate employees. And today our veteran staff and factory-trained technicians are committed to providing the same excellent service that we have proven to deliver over the years. To ensure that we keep on delivering, we are continuously developing our service offerings and further enhancing our customer’s experience.
Lead through Process Improvement and Innovation
We are continuously increasing our R&D investments in manufacturing other crane products, such as hoists and end trucks.
Safety & Quality Improvements
ProservCrane Group is committed to improving our safety and quality processes by implementing programs and developing tools and integrating them into our daily regimen.
Raising the Bar through Our People
Our veteran staff, factory-trained technicians and sales team all understand our customers’ needs and have the know-how to deliver the right products and services every time. Together with their expertise and passion, our employees are central to our growing success. This is why we are continually investing in training and developing our people’s leadership skills. The more knowledgeable our people are, the better our service and products will be.
Projected Growth
ProservCrane Group is committed to becoming a premier player in the lifting industry. While we already have a presence in the United States, there are still many areas where we could offer more, both in terms of products and service. We are looking into global markets such as Mexico, Canada and Australia, which are markets where we are already receiving inquiries. We believe that we can achieve this through a combination of ongoing organic growth and acquisitions.

Company Values
We are a company that communicates openly at all levels of our organization. We are trustworthy and honest in our daily activities and we conduct ourselves in a moral and ethical manner at all times.
We are accountable for our actions and words within and outside our company. We keep our promises because we only promise what we know we can deliver and this applies to product development, manufacturing through customer service.
Service Commitment
Our relationship with our customers is one of mutual growth. They rely on our crane industry knowledge and we rely on their need for our expertise. To show our respect for this mutually beneficial relationship we commit to superior services and the safety and enhancement of their business.
Successful teamwork and outstanding customer, supplier, and internal relationships all require integrity and willingness to consider the other party’s perspective. We work cooperatively to improve performance, accomplish corporate objectives and provide direction for our future. Team members are supportive of each other, loyal to one another and care for each other both personally and professionally.
Human Relationship
We see our people as our greatest asset. We treat our employees with fairness and dignity and care about their aspirations. We strive to create a work environment for everyone to perform and realize their potential. We reward and celebrate accomplishments and encourage continuous learning and strive to develop our people to their highest potential.
We are passionate about what we do, and we enjoy the challenge of solving our clients’ problems – the more complex the better. This takes an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to continuously grow one’s skills/knowledge, and the willingness to take reasonable risks.
Quality of Life
We recognize the importance of a healthy balance between business and personal life, and support it. We also support our employees as they contribute to the health and well-being of the communities in which they live.
Safety Policy
At ProservCrane Group we never compromise safety. We take this responsibility seriously and understand that our actions can critically impact our customers, colleagues and employees. By applying strict safety guidelines and offering health and safety services to our clients and partners, we will all benefit from improved efficiency in operations and increased performance in business.

ProservCrane Group is constantly developing and improving new products and more efficient processes in all areas of business. Our long term strategy of reinvesting profits has paid off over the years and our next generation of leadership will continue to invest in new technologies and good talent to keep at the forefront in the material handling industry.

After recently investing in new equipment and top notch talent in our Engineering Department we recognized vast improvements in productivity, as well as quality of products. And with new product lines launching in 2012, we believe we’re in a position to further reduce costs and increase revenue.

Recent Developments
Our extensive market research opened our eyes to new opportunities to better serve our existing clients. By stocking packaged products such as hoists, lever hoists and end trucks, we will make the availability and ordering of crane parts and accessories more accessible with the launch of ProservCrane Group’s e-quipment, our new parts and accessories e-commerce site. By bringing our parts inventory online we expect a significant uptick in revenue. We have also made vast investments in manufacturing, new machinery and talented people, which will continue into 2012 and beyond.
As we look into the future, we are excited with our reinvestment strategy and are looking forward to the growth of our company and the positive impact it will have on our customers and employees. As a family-owned business, ProservCrane Group strives to provide our clients with superior products and services and our employees with a great work environment.



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