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Inspection for Overhead Cranes at Your Facility

The overhead cranes used at your facility or worksite are essential to production. When you invest in employee training to operate this machinery, it's also wise to invest in keeping the cranes themselves in good condition. ProServCrane Group specializes in inspections for overhead cranes and similar equipment. From top to bottom, our contractors look over every detail themselves and search for any potential problems or needed maintenance.

We follow all OSHA guidelines to keep your cranes working at their maximum capacity. The better your cranes work, the better production at your facility will be. Frequent inspections also keep the work environment safe for your employees and lower your chances of worker injury. While there are parts of the overhead crane that can be inspected by your own staff, it's best to have an overhead crane expert check them in person.

Overhead Crane Inspection Requirements

The professionals from ProServCrane Group routinely check for instances of:

  • Loose bolts or rivets
  • Cracked or worn sheaves and drums
  • Damaged parts - pins, bearings, shafts, gears, rollers, locking and clamping devices
  • Erosion on brake-system parts, linings, pawls and ratchets
  • Load bearing inaccuracies
  • Fuel or electrical systems
  • Damage to chain drive sprockets or excessive damage stretching to chains

Contact ProServCrane Group for an Overhead Crane Inspection

Keep your employees, products and facility safe with inspections from ProServ Crane Group. Our inspectors are quick, thorough and will give you a comprehensive report of any maintenance or repairs needed. Our team also offers repairs for overhead and gantry cranes near you. Don't let an accident tip you off to problems, get an inspection today. Contact us online or get a quote today by calling 1.800.835.2223.

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