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SPANCO Gantry Cranes
Dependable and versatile, SPANCO Gantry Cranes offer cost-effective lifting portability that can withstand the heaviest of loads. Easy to assemble and disassemble, a SPANCO Gantry Crane can be used indoors or outdoors, whether mounted or mobile. Gantries are successfully utilized across multiple industries. SPANCO Gantry Cranes are available in steel, aluminum or a lightweight model along with adjustable heights and spans.
Dependable and versatile, SPANCO Gantry Cranes offer:
  • Cost effective
  • Adjustable heights and spans
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Indoor and outdoor service
  • Available in steel, aluminum or lightweight models
T-Series Gantry Cranes offer the ability to be used in the cantilevered position in applications requiring higher than 16 ft. in adjustability
  • The True A-Frame design that virtually eliminates the swaying motion common to other 3-way adjustable gantry designs.
  • Furnished with motor drives to ride on v-groove track crane rail directly on the floor by use of polyurethane wheels.
  • Can also be outfitted with a trackless drive kit.
A PF-Series Gantry Crane is a good solution for higher capacity applications that start at 20 ft. under the beam.
  • Comes in standard capacities up to 15 tons, standard spans to 40 ft., standard heights to 35 ft., and have a maximum under beam height of 35 ft.
  • Furnished with motor drives to ride on v-groove track crane rails directly on the floor by use of polyurethane wheels.
Affordable E-Series Gantry Cranes are a heavy duty gantry with specific capacity, span and height requirements
  • Steel constructed available in a fixed height up to a 12 ft. span and 10 ft. height to 5 ton capacity with 10 ft. available under the beam.
  • Also available is adjustable height for 11’6” span up to 3 ton capacity.
  • Maximum heights on the adjustable gantry crane models range from 7 to 14 ft.
  • Constructed with high strength mechanical tubing and equipped standard swivel casters with mold on polyurethane wheels for ease of movement.
Single Leg Gantry Cranes provides the right material handling solution for applications that cannot have traffic on one side of the crane.
  • Single Leg – Top Running End Truck.
  • The Single Leg design maximizes space utility in confined, narrow areas by traveling down an aisle on polyurethane wheels.
  • Furnished with motor drives to ride on v-groove track crane rail directly on the floor by use of polyurethane wheels.
  • Single Leg – Under Running End Truck.
  • A Single Leg Gantry can also be used with an under running end truck on one end which travels on the bottom flange of an overhead runway beam.
Wide Flange Gantry Cranes are perfect for Class D Service or applications that require a very long span on the crane. If a PF-Series Gantry Crane will not support the needed capacity, the Wide Flange should be considered for use.
  • Available with double flange wheels for high service applications (CMAA Class “E”, mill service) when speeds up to 150 FPM are required.
  • If moderate service is required (CMAA Class “C”), polyurethane wheels can be used with a maximum operating speed of 80 FPM.
  • Polyurethane wheels on a SPANCO Wide Flange Gantry Crane provide maximum traction for direct floor operation without altering the floor.


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