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Overhead Crane Installation & Services

When you use cranes in your factory, warehouse or worksite, it's important that they're installed correctly. A stable, reliably installed crane will be safer and more efficient for your employees and everyone onsite. ProservCrane serves facilities near you with crane installation of all types. From single and double bridge cranes, jib cranes, hoists, runways and more, our service masters can come to you on time and ready to work. Call ProservCrane for all your crane installation needs. We also perform maintenance and inspections to ensure the safety of your facility.

Single & Double Girder Bridge Cranes

Single girder cranes are perfect for large facilities or worksites with lots of room. While these cranes are large, they offer cost-efficient electricity use. They can hold anywhere from 1 to 20 tons and span up to 60 feet wide. Double girder bridge cranes are similar in style to single girder cranes in style and setup but are best for facilities that frequently lift over 10 tons for spans of 60 to 100 feet wide. The double girders allow on-site personnel to lift loads between the girders, giving them more room vertically.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are designed to straddle a workspace or structure like a bridge or building. These are most often used in shipyards to place intermodal containers onto ships. ProservCrane can install full gantry cranes, overhead cranes and portal cranes just as easily.

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes have a wide arc and lateral movement or can be fixed in place for factories and other facilities. ProservCrane performs the installation for several name brand jib cranes such as Abell-Howe, Gorbel and ProservCrane's own jib model.

Free Standing Cranes

Do you need your crane to be set up quickly, easy to disassemble and move? Freestanding cranes from ProservCrane may be just the solution. This type of crane doesn't require welding and is built into a unique frame design to free space below and optimize mobility. These cranes can hold up to 10 tons with a 45 feet span to keep costs low and delivery quick.

Built-up Hoist

ProservCrane built-up hoists are built custom made to your preferences and specifications. Our team has worked hard to design the best product to surpass. The type of built-up hoist you need varies on the type of work environment it will be placed in, but our experts can pair you with the best specifications for your operation.


Runways are best for top running and underhung cranes. When you call ProservCrane, we can retrofit your existing runways to add capacity or incorporate an entirely new runway system to save time and money. We fit our runways with anti-collision devices, fixed and adjustable wheel stops, hydraulic bumpers and other safety features.

Transfer Cars

Best for manufacturing facilities that handle heavy loads and products, transfer cars move heavy material on a runway rail placed on the ground. These are most commonly used in tandem with a jib or overhead bridge cranes.

End Trucks

At ProservCrane, we install our end trucks with the highest quality safety features and precision design. Our standard features can fit up to 24" wheels, fixed and rotating axels, single and double girders, top running or underhung designs for our end trucks.


For the best installations, designs and custom features go to ProservCrane. We serve facilities of all types, inside and outside, military, manufacturing, shipping and other industries. Get a free quote from one of our friendly representatives and we can set up an installation appointment on your site.

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