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Overhead Crane Load Testing for Houston, TX

Houston, TX, companies that work with overhead cranes should ensure that their equipment is functioning properly for the safety of their workforce. ProservCrane Group performs overhead crane load testing services that are OSHA compliant and help to keep your business running smoothly. These tests allow you to periodically review your machinery for possible deficiencies, so you can receive maintenance before any minor issues develop into larger problems. Load testing for overhead cranes are designed to evaluate whether your machine can lift and move loads at high capacity. This test includes analysis of the wire ropes, hooks and hoist chains, which require daily overview as well.

Load Testing for Overhead Cranes

The welfare of your workers and the orderly production of your company is reliant on upholding high-safety regulations. Load testing overhead cranes is an important part of owning and operating this heavy-duty equipment. Whether you work in a factory, warehouse or industrial plant, you’ll want to perform these inspections semi-annually or quarterly to stay in agreement with occupational safety laws. We inspect the condition of the following parts and functionalities:

  • Rated load test
  • Bridge travel
  • Hoisting and lowering
  • Limit switches
  • Locking and safety devices
  • Trolley travel

Overhead crane load testing contractors understand the various mechanisms and components of these powerful machines. Our team is trained to conduct tests that see if any mistakes happen while under stress. If these errors can be mitigated by quality maintenance, repairs and part replacements, you can avoid serious accidents and injuries.

Houston’s Best: ProservCrane Group

ProservCrane Group provides high-quality service to Houston, TX, and three other major cities in the United States. We provide superior overhead crane load testing services to customers across various industries who seek reliable and trustworthy overhead crane inspections. We’re an industry-leading company in overhead crane technology and we take pride in offering our customers the best in products and safety. If you’re looking to work with experienced service professionals who can execute load testing for overhead cranes in your facility, you can count on our team to do a superlative job. With over 35 years of combined experience in the material handling field, our management staff oversees that every customer interaction yields satisfactory results.

Contact Our Professionals Today

If your company routinely utilizes overhead cranes, make sure that they are always operating correctly by hiring our factory-trained technicians to inspect them. Load testing overhead cranes should be a regular part of your business model and can be done with efficiency by our crew. ProservCrane Group is available to complete exceptional load testing for overhead cranes across the Houston, TX, area. Stay in adherence with OSHA laws, while securing the well-being of your workforce and the productivity of your company. Call our overhead crane load testing contractors at 281-405-9048 for expeditious service.


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