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Load Testing for Overhead Cranes in Irving, TX

Companies that handle overhead cranes are required by OSHA to uphold stringent safety standards for their workers’ wellbeing. When you work with the overhead crane load testing contractors at ProservCrane Group in the Irving, TX, area, we’ll make sure your equipment is functioning up to quality guidelines. When machinery is running properly, your workforce is secure and so are your productivity levels. Our load testing overhead crane services are in adherence with occupational safety regulations set by the United States Department of Labor. We’ve designed our inspections to be all-encompassing to test the functionality of several components, mechanisms and load bearing capacities.

Overhead Crane Load Testing Services

Receiving regular load testing for overhead cranes is an important aspect of maintaining parts and functions in good working order. Plant managers should review the condition of their hoist chains, wire ropes and hooks on a daily basis to see whether or not they’re still up to par. Overhead crane load testing services should be scheduled either semiannually or quarterly by experienced, factory-trained technicians with knowledge in the field. Factories and warehouses that regularly utilize this machinery should look into inspections for:

  • Trolley travel
  • Rated load test
  • Locking and safety devices
  • Bridge travel
  • Limit switches
  • Hoisting and lowering

Overhead crane load testing services are an integral part of plant management and keeping workplace safety conditions. We’re trained and experienced in performing stress tests to see if any errors occur with your overhead crane at various load capacities. We have the tools and knowledge to maintain, repair and replace parts that are wearing or seem faulty.

ProservCrane Group is Irving’s Best

The overhead crane load testing contractors at ProservCrane Group offer outstanding inspections to ensure your company is always within regulatory standards. Businesses across Irving, TX, and other major cities where we’re located, have relied on our professional service for many years. We have over 35 years of combined management experience in the field of material handling and we implement industry-leading practices for the benefit of our customers. Load testing overhead cranes in your facility is an essential step and our crew is prepared to conduct these services with the utmost attention to detail.

Schedule a Load Test Immediately

Allow our professional, factory-trained technicians to carry out load testing for overhead cranes in your industrial plant. You can schedule these tests periodically throughout the year so that you can be sure they’re always operating correctly. ProservCrane Group has a team of overhead crane load testing contractors who have extensive experience with these heavy-duty machines and understand what deficiencies to look for during an inspection. It’s advantageous to stay on top of your equipment maintenance since it can potentially affect the welfare of your employees and productivity. Contact our team today at 972-438-5100 to request more information about our load tests.


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