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Load Testing for Overhead Cranes in Phoenix

For the safety of the jobsite in Phoenix, AZ, it is crucial to get a load test for your overhead crane. Not only is load testing for your overhead crane necessary, but OSHA makes it mandatory. In order to make sure your equipment is safe and in working order, you need an expert to come to the jobsite and conduct an overhead crane load test. ProservCrane Group provides overhead crane load testing services for your jobsite in the Phoenix area, and we’ll make sure that your lifting equipment is safe and meets OSHA standards before you begin operating with them.

When ProservCrane Group performs a load test, we overload your cranes on purpose so that we can test their capacity, evaluate their performance and analyze their overall condition. Your overhead crane should be able to lift loads safely and move heavy loads through a regular motion, so we will test it up to 125% to verify it’s in working order. Even though your hooks, hoist chains and wire ropes are checked on a daily basis, your overhead crane should be inspected semi-annually, or even quarterly, to see how it performs with heavy to severe loads.

Heavy loads are defined as 80%-100% of load capacity while severe loads are considered how your crane operates with loads under low to high temperatures, poor weather conditions and hazardous conditions.

Overhead Crane Testing Services with ProservCrane Group

When ProservCrane Group conducts an overhead crane load test, we examine and look for the following aspects:

  • Hoisting and lowering
  • The trolley travel
  • The bridge travel
  • The limit switch, locking and safety devices
  • Rated load tests

Why is it so important for a load test to be performed? Load tests for your overhead crane aren’t only good to see how your crane performs, but the test is mandatory to ensure the operation is safe. Load testing is a good way to reveal any weaknesses or errors that occur when your crane is operating under stress. These tests are done to lower safety risks that could occur under a faulty crane. The load tests are also good to know what the performance restrictions are for your crane. For our overhead crane load testing services, we appoint a professional to perform the duties of an operator for the load test so we can fully examine and understand the condition of your crane.

Our main objective is to ensure that your equipment is safe to use so that your jobsite isn’t working under any dangerous situations in the Phoenix area. Reach out to ProservCrane Group today to learn more about our overhead crane load testing services.


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