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Overhead Crane Systems for Job Sites in Phoenix, AZ

As a service-oriented company, ProServCrane Group has over 35 years in the professional material handling industry and overhead crane systems for Phoenix, AZ. We provide a unique combination of strengths: design, purpose, fabrication, installation and field service to offer the best in overhead cranes and crane components. We are the premier player in the lifting industry, with a strong presence in the United States we provide state of the art products, equipment and packaged product options.

All of this combined with our single-source, dedicated, factory trained personnel ensures you committed service from the ProservCrane team. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and mission to be the industry leader in overhead crane services will have you trusting your Phoenix based ProservCrane in no time.

Overhead Crane Installation & Maintenance

Whether you have a warehouse or factory, correctly installed and serviced overhead cranes are imperative to the safety and functionality of your company. Our ProservCrane team in Phoenix, AZ provides installation and service with:

  • Jib cranes - These wide arc cranes can be fixed to factories or any other facility and they move laterally. We install several brand name jib cranes like Gorbel, Abell-Howe and our very own ProServCrane jib crane model.
  • Free standing cranes - For job sites that need a crane to be set up, taken down and easy to dissemble for relocation purposes, free standing cranes are a good solution. These types of cranes don’t require any welding and they can hold up to 10-tons with a 45 foot span.
  • Gantry cranes - These types of cranes are used to straddle a structure like a bridge or building.
  • Built-up hoists - ProServCrane builds custom built-up hoists. We can help build one to your unique specifications for your business’ operations.
  • Runway cranes - When you get in touch with ProServCrane, we can retrofit your existing runways. What this does is it will add capacity or you can save time and money and get a new runway system.
  • End truck - When we install our end trucks, you get precisions design and the most reliable safety features.

Call ProServCrane Group Today

Our ProservCrane Group factory trained technicians are looking forward to meeting with you to provide you with a free quote today. Whether your business is inside or out, military or manufacturing, shipping or anything else, let Proserv Crane do the heavy lifting for you in Phoenix, AZ.


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